Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Hi there blog friends - I am in the middle of making a card for my young next door neighbour and I am therefore going to make this one really short.  "Can she" I hear you wondering?   Well I am the first to admit that I waffle - always have done and always will do lol! 

Anyway the sweetie who is Lindyloo has asked if she could see a picture of 'moi'.  I know you can't see my other picture properly but there is a reason for that - ie I hate having my piccy taken.   Ooooh there are soooo many chins and I can never get me head in the right position to lose any!!     Well, here we go -

It has been so difficult to find a pic of me other than on holiday - I really am camera shy!!  Oh and my hair is no longer blondish - I've gone back to my normal brown!!

As for this one, when I have curled and primped my hair ready for going out, I always ask my hubby if my hair is alright.  We were on this speed boat having just got off a 14 hour flight and he suddenly said "By the way your hair looks nice" - think this pic is just before I said a naughty word!!

Well that's all for now, will be back very soon with the card that I am now going to finish.

Crafty hugs to everyone out there, especially Linda,  and thank you for stopping by.



  1. LOL I hate havent mine taken too so your not alone hugsss xxxx

  2. Hiya Sue, I am thrilled to see you at last and please don't worry about not having many photos, I have had probably only 3taken in the past 4years!! I developed a major allergy to my dogs which affected my skin and so I will no longer have pictures taken. The one on my blog was taken about 2years before it started and my skin was perfect then.
    We all have something we don't like about ourselves, even those who we think look perfect, so don't fret. It isn't whats on the outside that matters is it really.
    I asked this favour so that as we chat I will feel more like I know you. Do you understand? Now I know I have a new friend in Sue and I can describe her to my family. Bless you for doing that, you are so kind. Hope you are having a great day.
    Hugs Linda x

  3. Hi Sue
    I agree, I love to have an image so that I can visualise who I am talking to so I'm glad Linda persuaded you to put a picture on your blog. One of these days I might be brave enough to start a blog ......... Until then I have became a follower of yours so I will check back in. Best wishes, Christine x

  4. I do understand about the photo now - it hadn't occurred to me before. Although the pic of me doing a snow angel at 60 is typically moi!!!

    Thanks to Linda for making me think about it.

    Hugs Sue xx

  5. Wow - there is no stopping you now, so glad you are blogging it is great to see your cards and also pictures of you. We all hate our pictures we are our own worse critics. Every picture I see of myself I hate, that is not who I see in the mirror, but of course when we look in the mirror, if it is not right we can change it, smile less, smile more, breathe in - the list goes on.
    It looks like an amazing holiday where was it?
    Suzie xx


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