Sunday, 5 January 2014


Good morning to you all - I hope you enjoyed your New Year whatever you were doing!  I can tell you I managed to get to bed and was asleep by midnight so I am a happy bunny!

Well, this is the first CCC creation for 2014.  I had meant to make some gift bags for holding presents for last Christmas but, alas, I never got a 'Roundtuit' - lol!  Our friend Sylvie decided to have a theme of 'Anything Goes' for this challenge so I thought - gift bags - why not??

Anyway here are two of them, very simple but I like them because it is the first time I have used felt for my die-cuts.  There were two types of felt in my stash (as well as some wool felt which I haven't yet used).  Both of them were freebies and not particularly good quality (sorry you mags out there).  One of them was particularly soft and I knew it wouldn't work too well so I sprayed it with starch and left it to dry.  Well - what can I say - this worked a treat, my die-cut was beautiful, nice and strong and not floppy!  Oooh matron!

I will shut up now and stop digging.

I will now hide put these away for next year and hope that I can find them!  They are simple, I know, but I was really chuffed with them.  I was really taken with the felt poinsettias, I honestly didn't think they would come out at all well.  I feel as if I should get my mojo working on a few different gift bags throughout the year.  

Thank you Sylvie for giving us the Anything Goes challenge, it gave me the opportunity to be a tad out of my comfort zone ('cos I lurve stamps/digis the best) and try out felt!  Whoopee Doo!

If you haven't nodded orf yet, don't forget there is a Challenge over at One Stitch at a Time (here) - this has been open over Christmas and still has around 7 days to go!!!  This one is Anything Goes so please do have a go.

Oh by the way, the leak is still coming through the ceiling in the kitchen, we have had the 'experts' in and they have discovered that there is a leak on the pipes into the hot water tank.  Graham has dismantled the 'airing cupboard' in the bathroom and has emptied the kitchen cupboard.   He's put a large bucket under there but a new tank has been ordered and will be installed on Tuesday afternoon, the same day Graham has to pop over to Mansfield to get the car MOT'd and serviced!!  I just want to hibernate until it is all over - lol!

Thank you so much for popping by, take care of yourselves and I do hope the weather it a little better for you.

Big hugs to you all

SUE xxx


  1. I love these bags! gorgeous work done Sue!! these bags are so perfect for gifts and so nicely embellished... I wish I could make them as neatly as you do...I almost always mess up with the bottom..! love them all!

  2. an eventful start tothe new year Sue....just keep smiling and all will be well!
    love the bags ...they are such a good way wrap pressys....without fuss...once you have made em....these are lovely..xxxx

  3. Hi Sue,
    me wonderful blogging mate.
    Love those superb Christmas bags. They are sooooooooo! great. Clever designing too.
    Fab photography as usual Graham.
    Now may I say snap about a leak in the roof. We have had an ongoing leak in our bedroom ceiling. They have been out 7 times to fix it, but still can't find where it is coming from. It DRIP, DROPS, while we are in bed asleep especially over the Christmas period when the weather was so bad. Luckily it drips into the cavity wall and not our bedroom, but still very annoying though. Now we are getting a damp patch on the ceiling too. They came out again Friday and it is still the same.
    Decs are still up as DH hasn't the energy to get the loft ladder out of the shed, and get up for the boxes.
    My children would help but I don't want them catching the dreaded lurge, as they have to work.
    Our family has just gone back to Mansfield, after being with us over the New Year, and DH son has caught the lurge too.
    I do hope you are all free of the nasty little bugs that are about.
    Lots of crafty love . Jenny L.

  4. Well I lost mine after only having them a few weeks so good luck!! Anyway the thing to remember is that they are never lost - you just don't know where they are!!! Lol! But they really are fantastic gift bags Sue and will be really appreciated. I decorated some this Christmas (which I forgot to photograph) and everybody they were terrific. It must be the season for leaks. I'm joining the club too. With all this torrential rain we've been having, if the wind blows in a certain direction it drives the rain up and it then drips down along the entire length of the kitchen window. \my window sill looks a treat - full of baking trays to catch the water. A real kitchen fashion statement! Love and hugs Christine xx

  5. hahahha - I'm sure you will be able to find them, Sue, but they might be forgotten about and you'll sigh with happiness when next year's Christmas presents are being adorned! These are lovely! Pretty tags, too! Love the colors in the 2nd one, but I cannot decide which one is my favorite, so you'll just have to fill all 4 and send them my way so I can decide in person LOL Happy Day to you! hugs, de

  6. Gorgeous bags just don't put them away to well or they will be forgotten about till next Xmas has passed. I know because I am always doing it. Hazel x

  7. These are gorgeous Sue. I love all your beautiful detailing, especially the felt poinsettias.
    hugs Sue xx

  8. Fantastic bags love the designs on each and every one.
    What I did last year with gifts I bought early in the year was to write where I put them on a page in the Calender at the beginning of December. I found all the ones I did this with but lost the ones I had not!!!
    Snap we have leak as well. With all the wind and rain we have water running down the chimney breast up in the attic. Men coming tomorrow to fix it.

    Patricia xx

  9. Hey there me old matey!!! well what wonderful bags you have made you clever thing you! Went out today with Olliebobs it was flippin freezing was glad to get back inside, the Paul suggested a run out to the Range :( but at least I picked up some bargains in the crafty bit LOL hugglessssssssssssss and roll on March!!! Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. These are awesome sweetie. Clever you for cutting out in felt. Something I haven't tried yet, another 1st to add to my never ending list.

    Sorry you are still suffering that leak, hope it is all dry and working soon.


  11. Oh my goodness...these are wonderful! I love decorating up gift bags too! Your bags are fabulous and what a great idea to do the backs of the bags too! So professional looking!

    That is a great tip about starching the felt. I will try this as I know what you mean about thel thinner felt. The flowers look lovely and at least you are well prepared for next Xmas. I loved the idea above about writing where you stash things on next years Dec calendar...will have to try that.
    Happy New Year to you and DH and don't lose those bags...teeeheee

  12. They are lovely Sue, absolutely stunning! When I next get out of the house I want to pop to the craft store to see if I can find some basic paper bags to decorate - I love what you have done with them xx

  13. Very fun gift bag Sue, always great to have on hand.

    Hugs Diane

  14. ooooh! these are so pretty. Thanks for the tip about starching felt - that's very clever! Sorry to hear about the leak...we've got one in the spare room and its driving us not. None of the experts seems to know how to plug it! Nightmare! Hope you have your's fixed soon, Sue.
    hugs, Asha - Sunny Summer Crafts

  15. Happy New Year!!! Wow fabulous bags Sue, what a brilliant idea with the starch! Susan x

  16. Love your bags Sue, your poinsettias look fabulous (must try making some with my felt!). Now if you tell us where you've hidden your bags we can remind you when the time comes to find them...I can guarantee the obvious safe place won't be obvious come December!! Carol x

  17. Hi Sue, your bags are all so lovely. I've never tried using felt with dies, so your bags were so very inspirational to me. Thanks for being worried about me missing CCC, but I just plain forgot about it! We were away for the holidays, came home to handling 2 wks worth of mail, our very cold weather that we've had lately (where house things aren't used to the cold, so you have to get a couple of service folks to show up, etc). I am really sorry I missed this one, and have checked so that I can endeavor to not miss the NEXT deadline. You surely met this challenge with all speed ahead. Had to chuckle at your comment about remembering where you 'store' your bags for 12 months later. They are just gorgeous! Hugs, Happy New Year and TFS

  18. Hiya huni, I received a lovely happy mail this morning, was it from you? xx


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