Tuesday 24 December 2013


Hello there peeps, I have just been checking out some of your blogs and have noticed that Debby (A Scrapjourney)  has set a little challenge for us to join in here.  She has put forward a marvellous prize, what a generous lady!  I started thinking about my fave five and came up with the following and I will be adding my link to her blog.  I have linked these cards back to their original posting via the link underneath each card.

I made all of the above as a member of the Christmas Card Club and I must admit this has been really enjoyable because I made them throughout the year - so, without the fortnightly challenges,  I could have been much worse off in the last few weeks with even more on my plate and more cards to make!!   These aren't my only favourite Christmas cards though, another huge favourite is the one I made after seeing it on Debby's blog, mine is called 'O Christmas Tree' and is white on white.  My mojo was on her holidays again, and Debby's card really really inspired me, I felt I just had to make one like it.  Mine isn't exactly the same because I used some different dies.  

Oh and here is some really good news  - Donnie who came to 'live' in the garden with Blossom last March, has been coming into the house, finding a quiet spot and going to sleep.  He still won't come too near us but seeing as he wouldn't come into the house two or three months ago, this is progress indeed.  He is being watched, not only by us, but by his 'wife'.  We have to keep an eye on him because, as I have mentioned before, he hasn't been neutered and we don't want him spraying anywhere!!!    Blossom went to sleep near him today so that's a thumb to the nose for both me and the hubster - lol!

Anyway this is me finished for a couple of days - where have I heard that one before???  Seriously though hubby, Blossom and Donnie are going to have my undivided attention with no crafting or blogging for a wee while.  

Love and big hugs to you all!!

SUE xxx


  1. I love your creations. The triangle card is amazing and I love the layered look on the postcard.

  2. Merry Xmas Sue, great news on the Donnie front - he didn't want to miss out on all that attention.
    Hazel x

  3. Such gorgeous cards Sue!! I love the triangle card concept! Merry Christmas sweets!!! hope you have a great time!

  4. What a lovely collection Sue !!

    hugs Diane xx

  5. Lovely cards. S x

  6. Every one of these are a winner Sue, they are gorgeous. Glad Donnie has come into your life but yes do watch him because if they spray you will never get rid of the dreadful smell.

    Christmas Blessings

  7. Such beautiful designs! Loving the colors you used. I think my favorite one is probably the one with the old fashioned winter scene postcard, although I really love the snowman one so much too! All are so pretty!

  8. Oh Sue you've made some stunning cards this Christmas and I'm so pleased you've joined me this year with my Favourite Five Christmas Cards 2013.

  9. They are all stunning Sue, I could not pick a favourite as I love them all! Wonderful stamping, lovely colours too xx

  10. They are so different and every one is absolutely beautiful!!

    LG Kerstin

  11. Hi Sue, hope you had a great Christmas! All of these cards are gorgeous! Happy New Year! Carole Z X

  12. Hi Sue,
    all these cards are so superb. Love how different every one was too. I must admit I struggled with Christmas cards this year. So I just used my calender digi image in different guises. lol.
    I do hope you had a really fab Christmas, and the very best to you and Graham for the coming New Year.
    Mince Pie crumbs in the post for Pidgy. lol.
    Won't be long till we meet now will it.
    I have had my op date it's the 23rd of January. So all being well I can see how good you look in person in March. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.


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