Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Hello there peeps - I am really sorry that I have been missing for so long, if I had tentacles - yes I said tentacles - like an octopus, I would be able to manage things loads better!    I think everything is now sorted, well apart from the leak in the bathroom which is dripping through into the kitchen!   Oh, we can't find out where the water is coming from by the way!   

Thank you so much for the brilliant comments on my last card, I really do appreciate them and it is surprising how uplifting they have been.  I am now feeling loads better in body, mind and mojo!

Well following that, I thought I would post a piccy (just to whet your appetite a tad) of the 100 follower Candy I am going to put forward in January.  I will be offering this up in a post, alongside a card, to all the followers I have at present (107) who regularly comment on my blog.  I will probably ask Blossom to help out - you never know, she just might go along with it.  Here it is -

Apologies for the stamps being of the Christmas variety, I wanted to sort this last month but it fell through the grid!!!!  I hope you like the look of it.

I am also posting a Blossom Selfie!!!!  Well hubby said she insisted and who am I to doubt him - he is almost as daft as moi - guess it must be rubbing off after all these years - ROFL!!!

Do you remember that I told you she would sleep on my desk on a cushion, well after she had her stitches out following her 'op', that was it - she became a daddy's girl.  She follows him around, sits on his knee, on the arm of his chair, sleeps in her bed on the floor near his feet and I don't get a look in ...... apart from the four days when he works and mummy is suddenly creme de la creme!   This one sure is fickle!   Having said that, she is still gorgeous, and at least I can craft in peace now.

I do hope you all have a good Christmas, without any untoward incidents - and a great New Year.  I have some cards to ready post and will do them as soon as I can.  Please take care and keep well, if you are a little off colour at the moment, please get well soon.

Love and hugs to you all   

SUE  xxx


  1. Sue aren't cats funny? They chop and change all the time, Blosson is gorgeous and she has made herself at home. We took ownership a good few years ago of a beautiful black and white cat who had been dumped in our village like Blossom he decided it was us he wanted to live with. He was so missed when he died, he gave us years of love. Blossom will do the same. Your blog candy looks great by the way. Have a wonderful Christmas . Hazel x

  2. Merry Christmas Sue.
    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog this year.
    Beautiful candy , love to win it[ my Birthday is 1 Januari].
    Blessings Elly

  3. Hope you and Graham, and of course Blossom, have a super Christmas. Blossom needs to get to bed early or Santa won't leave her any pressies!!!! Your blog candy looks great. Somebody is going to be very lucky. Glad everything has got sorted now. Love and hugs Christine xxx

  4. It's nice to hear from you Sue. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year too.
    I love Blossom's Selfie!
    Sending you hugs
    Sue xx

  5. Such a cutie. Have a wonderful Christmas. xxxx

  6. Hope you all have a fab Christmas Sue. Your comments about Blossom made me smile lol! A typical cat, contrary as, well, as hell lol! Hope she gives you lots of cuddles for Christmas xx

  7. Hello my dear matey!! hope you got your leak sorted, well not YOUR leak but the leak in your house LOL sorry couldn't resist. Hope you both have an amazing Christmas and we look forward to seeing you both in 2014!!!! love to blossom and don juan:) from Olliekins lots of hugglessssssssssssssssss and huggles Sue xx Paul and Olliebobs xxx

  8. Great going girl!! you already crossed 100 mark! wow! have a fabulous Chrissy hun!!

  9. Oh Sue what a worry for you, I do hope you sort the leak out soon. Love the piccy of Blossom, they are very fickle ours were all the same. Switching their loving from one to the other when they thought they could get more attention or goodies.

    Christmas Blessings


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