Friday, 18 January 2013


Oh hecky thump - I can procrastinate for England!  I was just going to start this blog 2 hours ago after I had finished doing my little jobs, however I decided to go and feed the birds (second time today).  Thank goodness I had already had my porridge (eh Jenny?).  I had made a string of peanuts to put in the lilac for the bluetits, great tits and coaltits, within 2 minutes a bluetit came down, flew straight past it and went to the squirrel nutbox and nicked a shelled peanut from there.  I could almost hear him saying "Are you bleep mad woman?  I'm not sitting there banging me head against a shell when there are shelled ones in the bleep box!"   Trust me to get a cussing bluetit!

Anyway I just had to keep watch and I then saw a flash of red and thought "Blimey that's a bloomin' fat robin!", it was only when I focussed that I realised it wasn't a robin but a Redwing with two of his buds!  I was so chuffed 'cos we don't live in the countryside (Ok it isn't far but far enough).    Mind you yesterday we had the robin (he lives here practically), a wren, two Mrs Blackbirds and two Mr B's (although the resident one chucked out the interloper!), a blackcap and the above mentioned tit family. 

I am doing the RSPB birdwatch count thingy on 26th (ish) of January and you can bet there won't be anything as interesting!

Sorry about the waffling - that's what happens when I get excited!  Anyway I actually made a Twinchie yesterday (yes I was in the middle of dusting, but digressed).  I used the freebie stamp from Craft Stamper magazine, but first I splodged the little bit of card with Luminarte Radiant Rain Daubers in Majestic Blue and Snap Dragon.  I then spritzed the lot with water and blobbed some salt onto it.  I hadn't a clue whether this would actually work but it did - to some extent!!!  I coloured two butterflies with Sakura Stardust pens then cut them out and deeeeeeecoupaged them.

Blimey after all that warbling, I hope you like it - lol! 

Ooops forgot to mention I want to enter this into the Show Us Your Twinchie Challenge No 1.

Well thank you so much for stopping by, if you have left a comment that is wonderful - so long as it wasn't rude!  I hope you are well and managing to craft, (well you've got to do something with all this bloomin' snow around).  We have quite a bit of the stuff here but the hill is clear - hubby and our neighbour grit the road outside our houses whenever it gets too bad, we are in the middle part so this helps everyone!!!

Catch up with you soon  - big crafty cuddly hugs


PS  I've just realised why we saw the Redwings today, we normally buy a loaf of Sainsbury's basic bread for the birds but I ran out so they have had Kingsmill 50/50!  No wonder the birds and their wives have been!


  1. Beautiful colours. Enjoyed you post story. Must get around to having another go. xx Flora

  2. Fab twinchie Sue love the background. I daren't feed the birds - we have three cats!!! x

  3. Gorgeous creation sweetie. You do make me laugh out loud with your postings!!! It is blinking freezing here sweetie. Hope your survey goes okay. Have fun.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. This is wonderful Sue, I love the butterfly and the colours are gorgeous.
    I do love to see birds coming into the garden, we used to get lots but now we have 2 cats they stay away. I wonder what birds you would attract with some Sainsbury's finest bread?
    I hope you have a good weekend
    Hugs Sue

  5. Hi Sue, I adore this Twinchie - and the colours are beautiful!!

    'sfunny - we've been feeding the birds all day too - they're so grateful. In fact as I type Len is running round in the snow chasing a cat determined to leave a calling card in the garden, as well as snoop after the birds!! Grrrrrr. Me wants a huge dog to unlease!!!

    Like you, a real selection of winged buddies right now - bet the little perishers do go into hiding for the RSPB bird count - they always do here as well!!

    Hugs, Di xx

  6. Gorgeous butterfly, beautiful colours ! I will be doing the RSPB survey as well and have also been out with bird food all day...hopefully will have a nice robin pic to post tomorrow, Carole Z X


  7. Just love Twinchie your butterflies and colours are beautifull also enjoyed your story I am glad I am not the only one that calls them Mr and Mrs.

  8. Lovely Twinchie and lovely colours. I have a feeding station and being so isolated we have masses of different birds which is great fun. The other day there were 10 long tailed tits, plus 1 coal tit, three great tits, 2 marsh tits, wren, robin, greater spotted woodpecker and Mr& Mrs Blackbird - at the same time!!!!! But come the RSBP count and I bet they go into hiding. John calls the woodpecker Jesus - he is such an inefficient feeder that there are always loads of birds picking up his scattered stuff. Hence "Jesus feeding the Five Thousand!" LOL!! Keep warm!! love and hugs from Christine x

  9. Hello
    What a lovely little twinchie this is, I love the colours and the style. Decoupaging is one of my favourite papercrafts. I could spend hours and hours just cutting out... I have done that in the past - a whole day just cutting out layers and layers of butterflies for wedding stationery. Even though I was running a wedding business, I still loved to do most things by hand and cutting out was one of them. I didn't have a Grand Calibre then and to be honest I was really quick and nimble at cutting out in those days so dies would have been slower.
    Anyway good luck with the birdwatch.
    Hugs Linda

  10. Hi!really lovely post Sue:)we love to feed the birds,only get a few different ones and the odd little robin.
    Gorgeous creation and really lovely colours too.
    Thanks for your sweet comment,yes i do use a brush to colour with VersaColor cubes and sometimes straight from the ink and can mix with water too.
    have a lovely weekend even if very chilly.

  11. LOL your posts make me giggle!!! I've been out every morning to smack a hole in the water and to re-supply the food, we live in the country and for a few nights we've been hearing the funny noise so I'm thinking (which doesnt happen very often so hold onto your hat!!) we have an owl but can never see it cos its really dark. Love this twinchie by the way its fab huggles hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Lol your blog has made me laugh, I've enjoyed reading it, your twinchie is gorgeous, I've not got round to using mine yet, but it's crying out to used on twinchies! Thank you for playing along! Good luck Hun xx Zoe DT Show us your Twinchies xx

  13. Hi sweetie this is just gorgeous love the colours, huggles Pops x x x

  14. Hi Mrs P,
    well what a superb twinchie. Amazing colours and design. I love your warbling about the birds.
    I do love a good warble. lol. Good job you had already had the porridge otherwise I would have had to make room for yet another door stop. lol.
    I do love our little birdie friends they are so interesting to watch, hence the door stops. lol. Your feather visitors sound wonderful.
    I have put my magic wand into hibernation till the end of next year, and also my net skirt and
    Have a wonderful crafty warm day.
    Lots of craafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Send some of your birdies my way then . . . my ones turned their beaks up at the wholemeal bread I put out . . . I normally give them seeds but have run out!

    Love your Twinchie. That's a great freebie stamp on the CS mag isn't it?

    Sarn xxx

  16. tee hee your post made me laugh!
    What a wonderful little creation you have made, it looks brilliant in these colours and with all the glitter!
    xx, Alessandra

  17. Hi Sue
    Lovely twinchie - what a great dragonfly. My hubbie bought me a super new bird feeder for my birthday but I cannot get any birds other than the robin to go on it.. LOL. Nevermind I am sure they will get use to it.
    Suzie xx

  18. Hi Sue, Found you at last! Your little ATC card is a beauty, love the effects and the textures you created, looks fab with those colours too :) Oh, you did make me laugh about that cheeky blue tit and your posh bread! We have had very few birds this past few days and have a bit of a bird feeding banquet in our garden of all sorts of delights, but nope - not one has ventured over, we think it might be the snow that's just arrived, putting them off...or our daredevil squirrel, who vandalises our nut contraptions and knocks them onto the floor so they open up for him! Hope you are well - have a lovely Sunday, Hugs, Teresa xx

  19. Haha, I was laughing at your 'birdie' post....I love feeding and watching the birds too, drive the family mad by saying 'quick, look....' then when they do, the birds have flown off! Anyway, I'll keep checking back to see how your 'bird count' is going.
    Your twinchie is fab....I love the colours you've used, and those Craft Stamper stamps are just made for twinchies! Thanks for joining us this month......
    Barbara xx
    Show Us Your Twinchies

  20. I'm doing the Garden Birdwatch this weekend too. It's great fun! Thanks for swinging by earlier. I'm terrible at blogging in term but I'm trying to improve :) The colours on this twinchie are mesmerising! I really like it. Glad my cat pictures make you chuckle!

  21. Hi Sue, Twinchie is fab, love the colours and the dragonfly.
    My BIL, lives on a farm and he has so many different kinds of birds visiting, I didn't realise we had so many, and he spends a fortune on feeding them.
    Hugs Sue W.

  22. What a fabulous Twinchie, just love the colours. Your bird encounters made me smile, I must add you to my blog list.

  23. Beautiful colours, a lovely twinchie. Thank you for joining us at Show Us your Twinchies this month.

    Sylv DTx

  24. Fabulous twinchie, love the colours. This is such a great little stamp for using with twinchies, and I like how you've layered the butterfly. xx


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