Saturday, 12 January 2013


Hello peeps and a Happy New Year to you all!  I have had one or two emails from blog buddies wondering where I am ........ well I thought I would give you all a break from my wafflings and warblings - just for a while anyway. lol!

In fact I have banned meself from blogging (apart from this missive) because my lurvely hubby is going to make the other wardrobe in my craftroom into a humungous cupboard for me trash  sorry stash!!!  He made one of the wardrobes into a cupboard a couple of years ago and that was full as soon as he had left the room!  I am now removing all the other clothes that I have in here - at least 5 sizes worth - and will have more more more space to fill!

I have kept this short because I am still tidying up the corner so that he can find the bloomin' cupboard to alter it!   Yay - it will be mint once he's finished it.

Bye for now my buds and I hope you are all well and crafting.

I case Christine reads this - I am quietly watching Silvain's pecs now on Dancing on Ice!  Well now that Artem is no longer on Strictly one has to have something to keep one dribbling and motivated!!

Hugs to you all



  1. Glad you are well and just on an organising break. Funny how stash manages to fill up all our storage. lol xx Flora

  2. Good to hear you are well. Happy cupboard filling!

  3. Yeah, I'm there too!!! But Artem is my main man!! Keep up the good work, it will all be worth it in the end! Love and hugs Christine xx

  4. You do make me laugh Sue! I am having the same problem my husband has been having a bit of a refurb in my craft room for me and I ordered a new unit from Storage 4 Crafts. Well I can't put my new unit where it is supposed to go for two reasons: 1 there is too much rubbish there and 2 I have now covered the top of the new unit with stuff and used it as an extra worktop!!! I even have stash piled all over my husband's keyboard!!! Good luck with your new storage xx

  5. Hi Sue, its great hearing from you again. I thought you were "lost in space". Not far wrong there then just lost in crafty space. Hope you have enough storage space for all your trash oh sorry stash once your hubby finishes his conversion. There can be no replacement for Artem in my eyes. Take care , big hugs.

    Wilma x x

  6. Glad you are well, I thought you were taking a new year break...I so want my craft room refurbished too, I can't find anything!!! Love and hugs, Carole Z X

  7. Yayyyyyyyyy!!! LOL so nice to hear from you, thought you had wandered off and was in a sunnier climate without me!!! Well we all know long conversions take dont we??? and dont forget after you've sorted all that out their is a ceiling to finish :P huggles hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Sue,
    lovely to hear your okay. You do make me laugh too with your wonderful banter.
    Your hubby sounds like a craft persons angel.
    I'm sure Sue won't mind waiting a little longer for the Cistine Chapel Ceiling to be finished.
    What's this five sizes of clothes you sound just like me so we do have lots in common. lol
    Oh by the way I am now Sue's official Fairy Godmother and I have the magic wand to prove it.
    Have a wonderful sorting out Sunday and maybe more days.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Hi Sue
    I was wondering where you had got to, what a lovely man Graham is - are we going to have some pics of the finished masterpiece?
    Look forward to more banter when you lift the ban.
    Suzie xx

  10. Hi Sue - Glad to hear from you. I was worried you were poorly. Your room will be fab when it is all over, it will be worth the wait. Hope to see you back soon.


  11. Hi Sue well done you !!
    I must put a ban on me too so I can get things done around the home .
    You will love the CD and also the line art it's fab and all the shading is done for you.
    I also took the images into my Serif program and removed the backgrounds too, you can do this with other programs on your pc or even just cut out the main image as they are not too complicated.
    I love the fancy label cards , they look so good and fold flat for posting .
    Have fun Hugs Elaine


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