Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Hi blog buddies - I have been ironing today so have not been creating anything yet - might do later on if I don't nod off! 

Anyway I thought I would share this little incident with you.  A week or so ago my hubby had been helping me get the washing in and he said he had seen a really large caterpillar on my dressing gown/housecoat (you know the ones I mean - thin and made of cotton material).  Blimey I should have just said 'top' instead - lol.  I thought nothing of it - just made sure he had removed it and popped it outside. 

Well ...... yesterday (stop reading now if you don't want to hear about my knickers) I took my clean knickers out of the drawer and put them on - too much information I hear you cry - I felt something scratch my hip so put my hand on top of the material and ...... felt a hard lump.  Deciding I had to explore further I looked felt inside and there was a huge chrysalis - all green!   Apparently another of the maaaaasssssive green caterpillars had decided my knickers was the best place for him to have a rest.  The thing is I'm a bit of a neat freak - I always roll up my underwear so that they fit much more easily in the drawer.  This poor thing had undergone the shake, flatten and roll very well, and having decided escape was impossible, obviously felt it was nice, dark and cool enough to pupate.  I was muchly surprised to be honest - luckily the only thing that gives me the creeps is an eight legged beastie.  Yuk - they actually make me sick.  I am now wondering what would have happened if I had not worn this particular pair for a while - I can just imagine opening the drawer and a gorgeous butterfly flying out.  Then again hubby says it would have probably been a Large (Cabbage) White.

Oh well - if you are still with me - I will try to be creative again shortly but I haven't finished the ironing by any means!

Hugs to you all.

By the way Chris - the chrysalis - was popped outside in the shed where he can stay until he changes into a wonderful........ Large White!!!!! Yay!


  1. Then I can have him/her for my cards since I love to add butterflies to my work Sue! I shall be examining my undies extremely carefully in future before packing them into the drawer!
    Another creature story - I came into the kitchen the other night and there was a bat just sitting on the floor in front of the (unlit) woodburner. I couldn't believe my eyes. How the heck had it got in? No open windows etc. The only thing I can think of is that John went out to the shed and our back door has a closer on so doesn't shut quickly. Maybe the bat followed a moth into the lighted area. Anyway we managed to put a tupperware box over it and a piece of card then release it back outside again. Not a very welcome visitor! The joys of country living - this is the second time we've had a bat in but last time it came in through an open window one very hot night. Needless to say I now have mesh at my windows in teh summer when they are open! Enjoy your ironing! love from Christine x

  2. Oh Sue I am cringing as I type this to you. I adore butterflies but the thought of a chrysalis in close proximity to my body makes me shudder but then the chrysalis would probably have a bigger shock than me LOL! I will be checking my knickers in future. Oh blimey you reminded me that I haven't done my ironing yet must do it tomorrow or I will be bumping into next weeks. Take care, hugs Christine H xx

  3. Sorry Sue but I cracked up when I read this LOL just what I needed to cheer me up..in future I will be checking my sloggi's everyday !!! huggles hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Sue, great story, glad you found it before next spring...
    Suzie xx

  5. Hehe fab little story, it really made me smile
    Lindsay xx

  6. Funny little story!

    Sue: The snowy border you liked on my card is "Frostyville" by Memory Box. HTH


  7. Oh my goodness Sue! thank you for giving me a good chuckle!! Have you checked the the other pairs in the drawer too?

    Hugs Sue

  8. Just catching up this week Sue...thanks for giving me an early morning giggle..very funny! Carole Z X

  9. Hi again,
    Well I am trying to catch up on everyones blogs and I just had to stop again and write a note here as I giggle to myself; sorry, but it is a funny story - but only because it wasn't me. If that had been me I would have been running (ok, so I don't run, use your imagination here..lol!) round in circles screeching probably. I hate the eight legged creatures, the tubular creatures, the armoured creatures....shall I go on. I am having a cold shiver now as I think of them all.
    The other evening my daughter was visiting and we were cooking some food, when all of a sudden she screamed and yelled for me to move. Looking down there was this enormous black spider about to crawl over my slippered foot (cold shiver again!). As we are both petrified but I am MUM, I had to be the one to find the courage to sort it out before the beastie got us! I had to get a long handled brush and trap the creepy crawly while my daughter put the hoover on so I could get rid of it. We were both a pair of nervous recks finishing off tea I can tell you!!!! Yuk, yuk, yuk.
    Linda xx


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