Thursday, 6 September 2012


Hi there blog friends and a special welcome to my new followers woo woo! - well I am back from the dentist - yay - unfortunately I did not escape scot free - boo!  I have to have some sort of metal post bunged in me tooth now - one right near the front so it will feel as if it's going up me nose!  Enough information???  I think so too!  I just felt that I HAD to share - lol!

Anyway I made a very simple card yesterday (to stop me thinking about today's pending visit to the D) for the Card Makin Mamas Challenge on Hearts -   I wanted to enter this one because I found this particular 'topper' in my bits and pieces box last week.  It was a stencil that I dabbed some glue through then when it was nicely tacky I popped some of the gilding flakes from Crafty Notions on top.  I don't remember the name of the stencil maker or the glue unfortunately.  I loved the effect but didn't do anything with it at the time.

Anyway I toddled orf to bed on Tuesday night and was thinking about the design, as you do, and lo and behold this is exactly what came into my head - no changing my mind at all!!!  There are three pics because it is difficult to see the shimmery bits in a photograph!

The red in bottom lefthand corner of the pic above is the nearest I can see to the actual colour of the satin mirri card.
I spritzed the front of a 6x6  black card with Crafty Notions Gold Shake n Spray and Cherrylicious Shake n Spray (I have had these for ages) then gave it a quick blast with my heat gun.  I then cut two mats from bright red satin mirri card and one from black card.  I put everything together as in the pic and added my flowers.
I hope you like this one and thank you so much for stopping by today.  Please let me know what you think of my design.
Hugs to you all.


  1. This is gorgeous Sue and I know what you mean about the dentist I'm having ongoing treatment at the minute lol xxx

    1. You have my sympathy Sue - but as I said to Carole below - I will be having my Valium sandwich beforehand so will be floating. Probably a good job if the state of me after my check-up is anything to go by.

  2. Beautiful card Sue and good luck with challenge! Boo to the dentist, we all dread the visits don't we? Carole Z X

    1. Thankfully nothing that a Valium sandwich won't sort out!! Seriously that is what my GP gives me - all because of a faint I did in the middle of the road when I was 13 (and in my school uniform). I've been traumatised ever since - LOL!

  3. What a luxurious card Susie. Enjoy your Evening. Rita xx

  4. Hi Sue,
    Oh I do hope everything goes well with the dental post. My daughter has one and she is fine.
    Your card is not only luxurious but it is professionally finished. I adore the spritzed card base and the red satin card, this is a real winner in my eyes!!
    Hope you have had a good day besides the dentist.
    Hugs Linda xx
    More words on my blog to find... Good luck

  5. Your card is stunning Sue. I love the rich colours and the gorgeous textures. The gorgeous red flowers finish it off perfectly.
    Maybe it's best if I just don't mention the D word!!

    Hugs Sue

  6. Hi Sue,
    what a truly amazing stunning card. I just love everything you did with this one. That heart is soooo wonderful. Good luck with the challenge.
    I have got the dentist in 2 weeks time.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. How lush Sue, love the red heart. What a perfect anniversary card. My knees went all wobbly at the D word! I have to go every 3 months for treatment and take so many drugs my husband has to drive me and then carry me home lol! xx

  8. Hi Sue, glad you didn't change your mind this is stunning, so rich and vibrant. Good luck with the challenge.
    What is it with dentists, mine is lovely and so gentle but I dread every visit. I used to faint in the chair when I was younger so think this is why I still get myself worked up.
    Have a lovely Friday, love Christine H xx

  9. Hi Susie, Has blogger gone mad. Your post came up on my site as being posted 4 minutes ago and I posted yesterday. I love what youv'e done anyway. Thought it best to let you know. Hugs Rita xx

    1. Ooops plan B Rita - I know what happened - I edited the blog because it said "a couple of pics" and I had posted three! So I changed it to say "three pics".

      I've lost the plot - methinks.

      Hugs Sue xx

  10. Hey sweetie, I just totally love this creation, fabulous sweetie, huggles Pops x x x

  11. Fabulously gorgeous! Love the sparkle!

  12. You know, dentists must really have a complex! We all say we hate the dentist, when what we really mean is we hate what he does to us - and I really, really hate that! What a job to have yuk!I love the way you experiment. This is fabulous. love from Christine x


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