Sunday, 28 September 2014


Hi there blog friends, I made this Get Well card waaaay back in January.  I never got around to posting it (at least I can't find it on my blog - lol) so I thought it was high time that I did.  I just love House Mouse designs but don't use them enough and I had some Get Well images just begging to be used.   This is the card I made for my friend -

The wording on the board the mousey is holding just makes me giggle - every furbie  'parent' can relate to this!


7" x 7" white card blank - Anna Marie Designs
'How to Recover Quickly' stamp - House Mouse 'Get Well Soon' selection
Digi sentiment - free from t'internet
Craftstyle paper - Papermaker Card Pad
Gold card, Brown paper - Create and Craft
5" x 7" Matting Basics die - Spellbinders Dies
Flower die - Spellbinders Dies (sorry did not make a note of this)
Adhesive Paper Ribbon - Kay & Co (soooooo old!)
Gems from stash

I hope this one brings a smile to your face - it made me giggle when I saw it again today.   

Oh and whilst I'm here I must tell you a little story!!!  The maestro (bless him) is always really good when I screech that I have come across a huge eight-legged beastie that needs removing 'toot sweet'!!!  The other day he saw an item on the TV which said that if you put a conker in each corner of a room they would keep those eight-legged horrors at bay.   I'll try anything once!!!

On Wednesday morning off we trotted to find a Horse Chestnut tree to raid - actually I was just nipping to the optician to get my new glasses so we did a detour past a couple of spreading chestnut trees (go on Christine - start singing!!).   Once home, I washed my two tonnes (metric doncha know!!) of conkers and poddled around the house placing them in the corners, along the skirting boards and especially by the doors - the beggars that come in our house are so bloomin' big that they walk through the doors wearing hob-nailed boots!!!  That night I went to bed feeling really safe and free from those rotten critters!   Well peeps, that rosy feeling did not last long - off I went to bed on Friday night (left the maestro watching some News programme or other) and there on the wall was the hairiest beastie ever - wearing brand new Doc Martens!  One huuuuuge scream later up comes the maestro to rescue this damsel in distress!  Perhaps we didn't get enough conkers - perhaps they were the wrong size .... who knows .... they are still there though 'cos Blossom and Donny love batting them around with their little paws ... aahhhhhh!

Thank you for stopping by and having a quick look at my cards - if you have been kind enough to leave me a comment I really am grateful.  Sorry to bore you, once again, about my beastie phobia - my little blog matey Jenny told me about something that she has at home which keeps them away - I am just off to find her email - I kept it just in case!

Big hugs to you all - enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Sue. Just love house mouse, and yes it did make me smile. As for spiders I am lucky and don't mind them, at work mum and girls are wasp haters and again thankfully I don't mind, so I am always to the rescue. Now I hate going out to the stables at work as I HATE RATS!!! Always looking around to make sure there aren't any signs of them. Tiger ( tiny little stable cat) must but keeping then at bay. Not much bigger than some rats herself. Love your stories so you just keep telling us them. Hazel xx

  2. Love your wee House Mice Sue. Did laugh at your spider tale though....I'm chief spider remover in this house, my two strapping 20 something boys are both terrified of them! Carol x

  3. Your card is gorgeous and the sentiment did make me smile. Perhaps your spider was already in the house hiding craftily from you until he saw your defences were down. Lol!!!

  4. Love your card, fantastic image and that sentiment is brilliant.
    Now to the spider remedy ...... never heard of that before. Did no one tell you they just climb over "everything"
    When you live in the country you just except them. I catch and put them out, hubby says that's pointless they just come right back in again.........he kills them ......that's cruel.
    Anyway your story made me smile.

    Patricia x

  5. Hi Sue
    Very cute card. Sure it made your friend smile and feel better.
    Don't like spiders. I can catch Daddy Long Legs with my hands but spiders, nooooo! Tend to catch them on the sole of my slippers, if you catch my drift.
    Ang x

    ps. . . Did you realise, when you put "planet Susie blog" in Google one of the options is a naughty blog? Didn't look but I bet there's a few conkers on there too lol!

  6. Hiya Sue, Adorable the image with the "How to recover quickly" list!! You do make me laugh Sue....i have never heard of that spider remedy...and i have investigated lots!! The spiders are huge this year, arent they! I have had so many of them lately as our house is right next to fields so as soon as the farmer started to harvest the fields we have been getting at least 2 or 3 big hairy legged ones a night! They just walk in like they own the house...!!
    Anyway good luck with your new remedy from your blogging friend...and please let me know if it works!!
    Hugs Lynne xx

  7. This is the third time I have tried to leave a comment. Finally got my Broadband sorted today ( only taken 12 days!) and now Blogger doesn't like me! I must admit that when I got to the part about the "spreading chestnut trees" I was already singing so when I got to the bit where you told me to sing I really laughed out loud - which brought John in to see what was going on. You know me so well my friend. Mind you, I refrained from doing the actions ... lol!

    Anyway let's get on to your fabulous card. The sentiment is brilliant and the papers you have used look super. Hope you, Graham and the felines are all fine! Love and hugs Christine xx

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely creation with us at The Crafting Cafe in our Shades Of One challenge!
    That image is just too cute!
    Good Luck
    Dawn xx

  9. OMG such a cute creation Sue!! Thanks for your kind comments about our blog & team! We're so glad you've come to share in the fun! Thanks so much for joining us at The Sisterhood’s ‘LOTS OF LAYERS’ challenge and please come back again soon!
    one of the 'Sistahs'
    The Sisterhood of Crafters

  10. aoh Sue, I can just picture your state of anxiety with the spiders, my hubby is just the same, strange cos he sleeps in bothies. We had a massive one in the living room the other night, which I had to get rid off, I managed to get it outside.

    Now your card is brilliant, I love House Mouse and the get well sentiment is fab, I'm sure it cheered your friend up loads, hugs Kate x

  11. Such a cute and adorable those little "mousers"...thank you for joining us at "The Sisterhood" for our "Lots of Layers" challenge!!

  12. Hi Sue me wonderful blogging mate.
    Now being the recipient of this wonderful card, I know how much I loved it, and how it made me giggle that image of that mouse and the other one telling it off.
    Well I could just visualize you standing there telling me off for doing something I shouldn't have been, when I was ill.
    Cause Sue J always said if I don't take it easy I would have you to deal with. lol.
    This card is sitting on my unit in the hall, along with Sue Js of course.
    I loved your fab colur of this and your superb design.
    Now to you eight legged beasties, my the maestro is made of the white stuff just like my DH is.
    Luckily we have lived in this bungalow for 5 years, and only seen 1 of those beasties, and then I think he came in with a bag of old magazines a friend gave me.
    I did however have a smaller version a couple of weeks ago, and put a glass over him till my DH awoke in the morning.
    I bet he thought why oh why does she think I'm a fish. lol.
    Seriously I have a thing that plugs into my electric sockets that stops the biggies, doesn't stop little ones which I don't mind, but does do the bizz for the big ones.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. I love the warm feeling when seeing your card, Sue! Amazing work and thank you for entering Paradise of Stamp Challenge #2

    silvia, DT

  14. Cute card, thanks for joining us at Brown Sugar this week

  15. Such a darling HM card, Sue, and wonderful wood-tone colors for these delightful woodland characters! Beautiful layers and textures in your papers! hugs, de

  16. Lovely cute card. Thanks for joining us at the Crafting Cafe. Ax


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