Saturday, 24 August 2013


Oh Good Grief!   I am still recovering from our meeting in Scarborough with Maureen (Scrappymo) and Sue J (Ollie's Mam) -  we just talked and giggled non-stop!   Now, reading my blog, you will probably think that I am quite outgoing but,  I am much better blogging, emailing or texting!  Face to face and I tend to be a shy shrinking violet although my sense of humour is still there (hidden in my head)!!  Well, I felt as if I had known Maureen, Sue and Paul all my life and they were so easy to talk to!   My hubby was pleased with me because I have been known to bottle out of visiting places at the last minute because I panic!   

Anyway, as Sue has already mentioned (lol!!!) we went to Winking Willie's for a fish and chip lunch - yup I do like haddock best because it doesn't taste fishy!  Sue and I were nearly on the floor giggling like a pair of loons - this really was a passing comment from me, so none of the others knew what we were going hysterical about.   We managed to explain to them though - well Sue did!

The maestro took some pics for me so here they are -

From left to right - Maureen, Sue J, Moi, Graham, Paul
I must explain that my hair is normally a longer version of Maureen's, however, I was melting into puddles and my hair was in a little soggy mess!   Oh - and you can see why my bosoms caused me such hassle when I went to the opticians.

The three Crafterteers (Sue's idea to call us this, makes me chuckle!) - Maureen, moi and Sue J.
We all wanted to have Ollie with us but he was stopping with Sue's neighbour Lizzie enjoying himself.  Mind you, I have been informed that once his dad was home, he went ecstatic and wouldn't let him out of his sight - bless you Ollie!!   He does love his mum as well!!

Now, here are the other two members of our party - no-one else knew that they were here!  This is Grizzly Graham and Dolly, they have been everywhere we have been ie all over the world, so we couldn't leave them at home.  Grizzly is wearing his sunglasses and a camera around his neck and Dolly has a little message from my mum (she gave her to me when I started to have problems with planes!!!!)  I have had her for so many years that her first dress and bonnet were a little worn out so I made her new clothes - including drawers, 'cos she wasn't wearing any, the hussy!  I also made the outfit for Grizzly Graham because he looks just like the hubster when he is on his hols - lol!!!
Maureen will be back to her blog on 1 September as she is not leaving Blighty until about 29 August, I think she said.  I am sure she will have enjoyed herself with all her relatives and all her visits to blog friends!    Ooh, her hubby was with his relatives doing a little fishing and he was soooo successful with his 'cod catching' - well done Al!
Sorry if I have waffled, but I always do!  I am still walking on clouds 'cos of my lovely time with such great peeps!
Hugs to you all


  1. Hi Sue

    What a happy post this is! Such a fun day and one to remember for a very long time. Brilliant photos too.

    I did smile quietly about you being quieter in real life than folk might expect - me too. But we're the ones who soak it all up and then suddenly come out with a stunner.....and I do know what you mean about cod being a fishy fish!! :)

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. Oh you have had a fabulous day together! Such memories. Next time it won't be just you I can assure you - Jenny and I will definitely be there!!! Loved seeing your piccies. I had a good laugh about the fish. Cod is okay, in fact I like it, but I really hate pollack. They used to laugh at me at work because I too described it as smelling fishy!! Well it did, and there was no way I could eat it - so there!!! Lol! But there is nothing like fish and chips at the seaside - Oh I do love to be beside the seaside, tra la. You'll hear me singing one of these days I'll guarantee it. Have a good weekend. Love and hugs from Christine xx

  3. Looks like you were all enjoying yourselves Sue! I'm a haddock girl too! Susan x

  4. Oh Sue, it sounds like you had a really wonderful day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.
    hugs Sue xx

  5. Sounds like a fabulous day huni! Am a little pea green with envy but am so happy for all of you that it fades back to it's usual pink hue lol! It's funny reading about how you are a little shy IRL and you're not the only one. I can't rabbit non stop on my blog but I am terrified when I meet new peeps and it takes me a while to feel comfortable. Lovely photo's - thank you so much for sharing them Sue. Hope you have a good weekend Karen x

  6. Hellooooo!!!!! me old matey hahaha! had to laugh when you mentioned the 'chins' I usually stick my hand under all mine to hold them up lmaoooooo and Maureen is back in Scarborough today with Al !! seeking the craft shops LOL The pics are great and Paul really enjoyed himself and was so glad of Graham's company helped relieve the stress of non-stop women's chatter hahaha oh I loved it and was so sad to hug you bye :(( but! as you say we have plans in the pipeline so Mrs Harrop stop singing and next time join us hahaha lots of huggles off meeeeeeee and Paul and Olliebobs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lubs you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Love Graham's pictures! that waitress was so nice to take the group shot of us at the restaurant.
    I had such a good time and I am so glad you went through with it and came to meet now I have another friend in Blogland and in real life. I was nervous was scary but truly was a blast...we giggled so much!
    We leave Filey on Monday and i will wave as we drive through I went back to Scarborough today and it was a bit foggy and light rain but we had fun and walked from the train station all the way to Winking Willy's! And then back! We were looking for a craft shop so I could trim those pages down in the wedding album I made. First two places were closed but the third said a cranky NO...then found a lovely lady in a stitchery shop that had a guilotine! What a gem she was...let me use it and made a place for me t work!!!

    Talk soon...we are off for a dress up evening at Bella Italia...oh my...sounds wonderful. Table is booked for 8pm but may go in early and see if there are any musicians at the pub in town.

  8. Good afternoon, Sue! thanks for sharing your wonderful trip! Wish I could have joined you, too. Looks like so much fun. I used to love getting out and about, meeting new people, and taking in the sights and wonders. Now I am home bound, and just grateful to do the little bit I achieve blogging and in my home. You're so gregarious, I wouldn't have known you are a homebody - but I'm finding on the internet that there are quite a few of us homebodies out there! Maybe we have enough of traveling during the work week, that enjoying the sanctuary of home is a blessing. Thanks for sharing your photos (and I have the same problem(s) you do at the Ophthalmologist's. hehe
    big hugs always, de


  9. Love reading about your great day out, we were the same when we first meet Wilma (Scottish crafter) then we went to Inverness and meet Kate (culliesocks) have meet twice and we are meeting up again the 14th Sept. I also arranged to meet Michelle (happy 2 craft) a few weeks back when. I was down in Yorkshire another lovely meeting. It so lovely to meet in person with people you have blogged and e-mailed for an age. Our next meet up is at the N.E.C. November. So looking forward to that one.
    I am off to have an eye test in the next week, I will have to put the picture of you at yours well out of my mind as it will be so hard not to burst out laughing.

    Hazel x

  10. Hi Sue,
    me wonderful blogging mate. Fab pictures, of a really great group of peeps. Do you know any of them by chance cos they look really familiar. lol. I think I spotted them yesterday on someones blog called Olliesmam. lol.
    No kidding aside, I agree with Christine we all must get together sometime. That will be great.
    Look out where ever we go for the Double Ds Crafting Group. lol. Good name me thinks. lol.
    My hubby has noticed that most of us crafting buds are well endowed. lol.
    Now your going to laugh because I was born under the sign of the fishes, and I hate fish, because I don't like the smell. So it will only be chips for me and lots of them cos I lurve
    fish shop chips, but don't eat them too often. lol. Got to watch this expanding waistline. lol.
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. Oh Sue and company and supportive hubbies....I'm jealous :) It's so enjoyable reading your get together and all the comments. I'm so glad everyone had such superb and quality time. Off I go cooking lunch now and thinking of your great moments =D
    Hugs and smiles,

  12. What a fabulous array of photo's of you all. I am glad you had a great time meeting up. I know what you mean about being quiet when you are in company. I am so pleased you didn't bottle out and met them all. It was lovely to see you and now visualise the person who is making my sides hurt with laughter.



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