Friday, 27 July 2012


Hello there - well here I am again talking to anyone out there who may pass by.  I thought for my first picture I would show you the very first card I made about 14 years ago - followed by the latest card I have made.

Here is the first - start giggling .....

As you can see this is a basic card base with handmade paper, a frame (which I did ink around the edges even then) plus three lilac roses and I cut the wire off the roses and twisted it around a paint brush.  Topped it off with a sticker and da da!!!

This probably took me just as long then as it does these days!!

Anyway now for my latest card, I made this a while ago for the GP I have been seeing concerning back problems.  She is on a rotation program at our Surgery for 6 months and will be a GP once she has completed all her training etc.  She has been so kind that I decided to send her a card to wish her luck in her future career.

Hence my first, my latest !!!

Apologies for the photos - they were taken just for me to keep initially, so I will try to do better in the future.  I used a Kraft basic card with a piece of distressed Bazill Basics card on top.  Then I used a piece of paper from my stash (unfortunately I threw the front sheet away and haven't a clue where it came from) I layered the two together.  Then because this card is only 6" x 6"  I used a small ek punch on a  piece of the Bazill card and glued it to my paper.  I ruffled some of the gorgeous vintage ribbon over the punched card.

I then cut out a tag from the creamy card in Sue Wilson's Neutral card stock pack, punched the bottom edge and stamped on it with maroon Archival ink.  Also did a little bit of inking around the edge of the tag because I love the colour!!!  I used a patterned paper with the Aster die for my flower and inked it slightly whilst it was still in the die.  I used some similar paper for the centre of the flowers and added a black button.  I popped a couple of flourishes in between to add some colour and interest and added a stamped 'ticket' sentiment to the top corner with a couple of coloured staples.

I stuck the card/paper layers onto the base card and then added the tag on black sticky foam pads.

This is certainly different from the first card I made as I just glued everything together on that one, all the pieces on this card (apart from ribbon and buttons) started out as sheets of paper.

Well that's it for now - I bet you are thinking thank goodness (those that are still reading, that is).  I will try not to waffle so much on my next post - but I can't promise!!!

By the way, this is keeping me so quiet, my hubby thinks I've left home!!!!!

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you will join me again soon.

Many crafty hugs to you



  1. Such a lovely pretty blog and so interesting to see how far you have come in your card making, although I think your first card is also pretty. Love the use of a tag on your recent card - beautiful :) x

  2. Hi sue

    I remember my first card i can't believe how much it looked just like yours!

    Whilst your first card isn't as bad as you think your most recent card is just stunning - those rich colours are just awesome and I love it.

    Thanks for coming by to see me and leaving me some lovely comments.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    Hazel xx

  3. Hi Sue, just saw your comment on my blog and popped over...welcome to blogland! I remember my first cards and my mum kept every one I gave her, we found them after she passed away and my work has changed so much after all these years. Your first card is quite similar to my early ones and your most recent card is amazing! I love your beautiful layout and the colours are so rich..gorgous! Thanks for stopping my blog and leaving such lovely comments, it is hard to get followers..I've been blogging almost a year and I know lots of people look at it, tell me personally and on Facebook, but just won't follow! Crafty Hugs, Carole Z X

  4. Do you know my first paper card was very similar to this but in creams and reds with just one single rose and it said Wedding Invitation (my wedding invite infact). My first cards had cross stitch toppers or main images in apertures. I cross stitched every waking minute when I first started. My mother has every card I ever made her from way, way back, in fact from over 30years ago!!
    Your latest card is stunning and the rich colours are juicy and luscious. Truly beautiful.
    Keep up the good work. Linda x

  5. Fabulous and I love this colour its super . I expect your GP was thrilled with this Hugs Elaine


Thank you so much for your comments, you make my day!
Hugs Sue Pxxx