Thursday 31 January 2013


Hello there blog friends - I have to tell you about the book I have recently read called A Simples Life!!!!  Yup it's THE book written by Aleksandr Orlov - the meerkat - and it is so funny that I giggled all the way through.  Graham bought me this for Christmas - I already had my Copics!!!   I kept reading bits out to him, which made him laugh - mind you I had to read them in Aleksandr's accent!!!  It was only as I carried on reading it to myself that I realised I was also reading it in HIS accent in my head!!!!!    I know this book is for the younger person but I am young in me brain - it's just me body that is crumbling!

Well now that I have admitted to reading such a tome, I would now like to show you my little box of secret stash.  This is a box that I found when I was clearing the corner before my cupboard alterations.  It used to have Turkish Delight in it - the one with the icing sugar coating on it YUM YUM!   I won't have the other sort covered in chocolate in the house (bluuuuurgh) 'cos in my mind Cadbury's choccy and Turkish Delight are NOT a match made in heaven!

Da Da! my little secret stash of Ferrero Rocher!  Scrumptious.  Mind you I will share them with my photographer!   That's because he bought them LOL!

I covered the base of the box with a border of Graphic 45 Le Cirque paper  (I did have to keep topping up the anaesthetic to use this gorgeous stuff) then used the spotty paper (same collection) for the lid.  The little sentiments were also on the same page as the border.  I went round the edge of the lid with some Black Soot DI and I painted my cardboard heart with the Eco Friendly Metallic paint and added some Mica Flakes and circles (also painted) then popped some Watch parts on top.l  I added it to the lid but put a small piece of foam underneath to make it stand up at an angle to the lid.  The smaller flowers were then glued on and I added some press studs to the centres - I found these when I cleared the corner!!

This is the second thing I have really liked so am I turning a corner I wonder??

Empty Turkish Delight Box
Graphic 45 Papers - Le Cirque
Lining - Piece of handmade paper
Heart from Every crafts a Pound (part of a voucher I had for winning a challenge).
Metallic Eco Friendly Paint - Copper
Small Cog from Watch parts (Ebay)
Small Press Studs from stash
Gold Mica Flakes from Stamps Away
Black Soot DI
Large Flowers by Colour Connection
Smaller Flowers - Nellie Snellen punch and embosser
I hope you like this one, must admit that since the photograph was taken several hours ago, the choccies have diminished somewhat.  I really enjoyed making this and have promised hubster that now I have finished it, I will sort out my cupboard and move the stuff from the bedroom floor!!!!  He is especially sick of stubbing his toe!
Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have had the time to leave me a comment, I do know what it is like though and tempus certainly fugits!  I will be visiting you all again soon.
Big hugs to you
I will edit this post if I find any challenges to enter - not sure whether this is eligible for Anything Goes challenges - hope it is though!

Tuesday 29 January 2013


Hello there my blog buddies - and a warm welcome to my new followers Wendy and Carol.  I can't believe I have almost 60 followers - I am soooo chuffed.  Today I have posted a pic of another of the crafts that I used to do.  Mind you I still have all the stuff in my cupboard because not only am I  The Procrastinator I am also The Hoarder (I expect a television crew to turn up one day - ooops!). 

We had only been married a few years and we decided to do a class at nightschool. Enamelling was a bit different to most of the things on the "Prospectus" so we gave it a go. After the course had finished I wanted to do more and, for my birthday, Graham bought me enough stuff to carry on at home.

You may recognise three of these little pots as "Cold Cream" pots, the other one is a little jam pot - I 'hoarded' them once they were empty and made these little tops for them.    The actual tops are made from sheet copper which I cut out and then added the enamel powders, glass shapes, rods and nuggets.  I also used millefiore (or Billy Fury's as we call them) on some of the things I made.


The tops were then fired in a kiln and whilst they were still extremely hot (and in the kiln) I pulled a pointy tool - well it was very similar - through the glass bits and pieces and the glass mixed together slightly as in the pics.  This isn't as simple as it sounds because I had to do 'things' to the metal beforehand to stop it bending etc.  After they were cold I painted round the edge of the cold cream jars with black matt enamel paint and glued the top in place.

I hope you are still with me - yup this is a little long - albeit piccy wise and I trust you haven't nodded off!  Do let me know if you like them, despite the total danger to myself - hot things and moi! - I loved making them.  Can't remember why I stopped doing them ................ oh yes I do .... we went on to Shotokan karate!  Before you bust a gut laughing we both got to brown/white belt - just one short of black belt!   See I was really fit once upon a time, mind you now I have a bad back, bad knees, bad hip! lol.

Finally, I just want to thank you for stopping by and I hope you leave me a comment or three.  I love reading them as you all know, and I enjoy my blog and my blog friends.  I love the fact that I receive emails from some of you now as well.

Enjoy the rest of your day - I must tell you about the book I have just been reading next time I blog.  It was a corker!


Saturday 26 January 2013


Hello there my blog buddies and welcome to my new follower Teresa - yay!  I am doing my birdwatchy count thing tomorrow but whilst Graham was altering my cupboard I thought I would make a little card - I was supposed to be labouring but inbetween I was crafting.  Well, when I say labouring I was pointing out the screw that he'd dropped on the floor, or the pencil that was behind his ear, finding his hammer - you know what I mean - the difficult stuff!  Oooh and I did hold the vacuum nozzle just underneath where he was drilling - to catch the brickdust!!

I will be filling my new storage next week - I am having a rest this weekend and may be crafting just a tad.  Well labouring is really tiring - lol!

This is the card I made - of course I was thinking of my bird count wasn't I.

This really is a diddy card only 6 x 4.5 inches approx.  I found the image on a freebie site some time ago.  I couldn't get really clear lines when I went to print it, but I felt it would look good with a few steampunky embellishments so I used this die with some cogs and lovely MME papers.  I just loved those little caterpillars and coloured them green in homage to those I found in my knickers!  I wasn't in my knickers at the same time, I hasten to add.  The story is further back in my blog if you are interested - may be that is too much information though!!!!!  Here is the link - lol!

6 x 4.5" card blank
Papermania textured card stock
MME Lost & Found - Portobello Road papers
Image - Freebie from the internet
Promarker pens
Spellbinders - Fancy Postage Edge
Heavy Card Cogs from stash
Small Cog from Watch parts (Ebay)
Black & Silver Acrylic Paint - Eco Friendly
Safety Pin and Heart Charms (Ebay)
Black Soot DI
This was a card that came into my head just because I wasn't crafting and I made it really quickly.  I had to wait for the photograph 'cos I didn't want to disturb hubby at his work (on my new cupboard lol).  The thing is, I really like this card myself - totally amazing for me!
I love reading your comments, so please leave something of that ilk on my blog - if you have the time of course.  Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in my creations and my wafflings.  I hope you are all well and cosy and, of course, managing to craft.
Big hugs to you all.
PS  I have something ready for my next post but it isn't a card or even papercraft so I hope you are intrigued - then again it could - yup - it could be boring.  And ...... there could be a piccy of my empty new cupboard - and another one later when it is full - not boring at all.
I would like to enter this card in the following challenges :

Friday 18 January 2013


Oh hecky thump - I can procrastinate for England!  I was just going to start this blog 2 hours ago after I had finished doing my little jobs, however I decided to go and feed the birds (second time today).  Thank goodness I had already had my porridge (eh Jenny?).  I had made a string of peanuts to put in the lilac for the bluetits, great tits and coaltits, within 2 minutes a bluetit came down, flew straight past it and went to the squirrel nutbox and nicked a shelled peanut from there.  I could almost hear him saying "Are you bleep mad woman?  I'm not sitting there banging me head against a shell when there are shelled ones in the bleep box!"   Trust me to get a cussing bluetit!

Anyway I just had to keep watch and I then saw a flash of red and thought "Blimey that's a bloomin' fat robin!", it was only when I focussed that I realised it wasn't a robin but a Redwing with two of his buds!  I was so chuffed 'cos we don't live in the countryside (Ok it isn't far but far enough).    Mind you yesterday we had the robin (he lives here practically), a wren, two Mrs Blackbirds and two Mr B's (although the resident one chucked out the interloper!), a blackcap and the above mentioned tit family. 

I am doing the RSPB birdwatch count thingy on 26th (ish) of January and you can bet there won't be anything as interesting!

Sorry about the waffling - that's what happens when I get excited!  Anyway I actually made a Twinchie yesterday (yes I was in the middle of dusting, but digressed).  I used the freebie stamp from Craft Stamper magazine, but first I splodged the little bit of card with Luminarte Radiant Rain Daubers in Majestic Blue and Snap Dragon.  I then spritzed the lot with water and blobbed some salt onto it.  I hadn't a clue whether this would actually work but it did - to some extent!!!  I coloured two butterflies with Sakura Stardust pens then cut them out and deeeeeeecoupaged them.

Blimey after all that warbling, I hope you like it - lol! 

Ooops forgot to mention I want to enter this into the Show Us Your Twinchie Challenge No 1.

Well thank you so much for stopping by, if you have left a comment that is wonderful - so long as it wasn't rude!  I hope you are well and managing to craft, (well you've got to do something with all this bloomin' snow around).  We have quite a bit of the stuff here but the hill is clear - hubby and our neighbour grit the road outside our houses whenever it gets too bad, we are in the middle part so this helps everyone!!!

Catch up with you soon  - big crafty cuddly hugs


PS  I've just realised why we saw the Redwings today, we normally buy a loaf of Sainsbury's basic bread for the birds but I ran out so they have had Kingsmill 50/50!  No wonder the birds and their wives have been!

Wednesday 16 January 2013


Hello my blog friends - I have a card which I made over Christmas for a lovely friend who, so sadly, lost her husband just days before Christmas day.  I wanted to leave it a little while before I put this on my blog.  I have emptied my wardrobe and am having a cuppa and a sit down so here I am!!

This really is a very simple card using just dies, flowers and a small sentiment.  I love the pale blue and white together especially with the flowers.  The poem inside is one of my favourites because the words mean so much.

I hope you like it

Thank you so much for popping by and for your various emails and comments on my last post - my wardrobe is going to look marvellous when it is finished.  

Hubby has now decided that I can have the whole wardrobe altered, initially I was going to have to leave a space at the bottom for our suitcases - now they are going elsewhere and I can have the lot for my crafty stash - yay!!!!!  I must leave the space in front of the cupboard free so that I can open the doors - I didn't mention that I have to move a pile of 12 x 12 paper pads, crates of A4 papers plus stackable storage boxes full of pens, glitter, sequins, beads etc etc to get into the other cupboard did I????   Oooh have I mentioned my bad back???

Well I can promise you that even if I fill this new cupboard there will still be stuff all over the floor!!!!!  I sent a pic of my room to Sue (Ollie's Mum) and I think she is in a state of shock because she has been a tad quiet since!!!! LOL.

Bye for now - the cupboard is being started next week 'cos hubby is at work this week - bless!!!

Crafty hugs to you all and a special thank you to Suzie who helped me once again 'cos I couldn't get my pics on the blog.  She suggested using Google Chrome and I am up and waffling again!!!

SUE xxx

Saturday 12 January 2013


Hello peeps and a Happy New Year to you all!  I have had one or two emails from blog buddies wondering where I am ........ well I thought I would give you all a break from my wafflings and warblings - just for a while anyway. lol!

In fact I have banned meself from blogging (apart from this missive) because my lurvely hubby is going to make the other wardrobe in my craftroom into a humungous cupboard for me trash  sorry stash!!!  He made one of the wardrobes into a cupboard a couple of years ago and that was full as soon as he had left the room!  I am now removing all the other clothes that I have in here - at least 5 sizes worth - and will have more more more space to fill!

I have kept this short because I am still tidying up the corner so that he can find the bloomin' cupboard to alter it!   Yay - it will be mint once he's finished it.

Bye for now my buds and I hope you are all well and crafting.

I case Christine reads this - I am quietly watching Silvain's pecs now on Dancing on Ice!  Well now that Artem is no longer on Strictly one has to have something to keep one dribbling and motivated!!

Hugs to you all